That’s why you get the details of your favorite used cars for details!

We searched the used car market to find cars for between 1.8 and 3 million for 6 years. We were looking for cars with at least air conditioning and valid Hungarian documents. This way we found nearly 2800 cars.

Surprisingly, Suzuki is only in 10th place in this category in terms of number. We found 74 Suzuki cars as searched, while the imaginary podium ranked second in the order, the Opel 475, Ford 455, Renault 253, and only slightly behind the Skoda with 208 cars.

From Opel to $ 2 million, we find J Astra and D Corsa , but at the $ 3 million mark, we can run a Zafira for larger families or even a 2-liter diesel Insigia .

With our calculator, we looked at the three best deals on buying a car for a personal loan for $ 2 million:

For a $ 2.5 million loan

We can see that with a net income of up to 130,000 forints, the car is within reach and we can also carve on the installment if we are willing to give it at maturity. Let’s not forget that in case of a personal loan there is no need for own resources, while in the case of leasing and the results are filtered so that our repayment cannot be changed, it is fixed until the end of the term.

Ford doesn’t have a big deal, Fiesta and Focus . Of the former, 2.5 million are powered by 1.5 TDCI engines, 2018.06. we can get a month with a one-year warranty, the latter with the same engine and age and pay $ 3 million.

Renault is typically represented by Clio and Megane at the lower end of the range for up to five-year-olds, while higher prices include 4-year warranty Fluence and Capture .

In the case of a $ 3 million loan, we can pay you over $ 250,000 less by committing our income to the lending bank:

We can significantly reduce our repayment

We can significantly reduce our repayment

As you can see in the tables, we can significantly reduce our repayment by committing our income to the lending bank. In such cases, the cost of maintaining a bank account may also be an important consideration, so as not to lose the financial advantage that can be gained from the repayment. Among the best credit offers are banks that can provide us with a free bank account.

We get a 2.8 year Rapid ot warranty

We get a 2.8 year Rapid ot warranty

From Skoda for $ 2.8 million. At a lower price, we can buy Fabia and Octavia station wagons , mostly diesel.

From Suzuki , Splash and Swift rule the 2 million mark, but for 3 million we can get a 2-year SX4 S-Cross with a warranty of 37,000 kilometers.

Lovers of the big German brand can only think in terms of diesel. The BMW 8 is on the list with $ 2.9-3 million, the best buy here is the 116d , 2014.4. monthly. We found six of the Audi’s , A3 ‘s with a 1.6 engine, if we were so satisfied with a “four ring” …

If you want the best deal on buying your car, use our calculator and request a free call back from our experts for faster administration and more favorable, unique deals!

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